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Food Nanny France Tour 2020

Don't miss out on this trip of a lifetime!

Some of you may have watched or heard us talk about our amazing France trip we did last summer with a group of 30 Fannies. With Baptiste as our French Guide you are in store for the trip of a lifetime !!!! Here we are, all standing in front of the dreamy walled ancient village of Guerande. Located in the heart of Brittany this tiny walled city is full of treasures. Our favorite amazing Baskets are here. Our favorite pottery is here! Plus much more!!!! This is where the salt marshes are located and the tour with Gwen at the marshes is so unforgettable. It took months for us to perfect this trip for you. We stay on the beach in LaBaule in our most favorite Hotel in the world !!! There we look out onto the Atlantic Ocean with incredible views from one of the largest bays in the world. Horses are seen in the early mornings practicing with their owners as they strut and run down the beach in there racing carts. The sunrise here on this beach is incredible!!! The food is fresh and wonderful. The small sea village here is hopping with every eye candy you can imagine. Cottages surround this town as you weave in and out on your own bike which the hotel offers free everyday to their patrons. Nice bikes. The kind you want to ride into the wind and around all day and evening long. This trip includes Paris, at its finest. We visit restaurants and sites including Versailles. The great Mansion of the Kings and Queens of France. 5 Star Hotels, 3 Dinners and a Tea Room experience at the Laduree on the Champs Elysee. This is a taste of what we have in store. Most of all like we have said before your most memorable memories will be the lasting friendships that you will make on this trip. Last summer there was not one dry eye as we said our last goodbyes !!! We bonded.

The first 30 people to venmo $1,500.00 to our french tour guide Baptiste will have their spot reserved for the trip. Please read the Terms & Conditions below and let us know if you have any questions.

Food Nanny France Tour Terms & Conditions

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