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The Food Nanny Daughters

The Food Nanny Daughters

Portrait of the four FOOD NANNY sisters showing sister love while standing in the kitchen. Liz, Emaly, Katey, Aimee We get asked the same questions a lot from people. So we thought we should answer some of them today!!!

"Who is doing your blog?" "What are you girls doing?" "What are you trying to accomplish?"

Who is doing our blog? WE ARE!!! Our Mom, The Food Nanny, and her four daughters.......Katie, Emaly, Aimee, and Lizi. All 5 of us post, make the food, and contribute to the blog.

What are you girls doing? started out just trying to help our Mom, who for the past 10 years has been writing 2 books, flying all over the country speaking and selling her books, and filming her show on BYUTV, gain more of a presence on Social Media! Our mom has never been much of a figure on social media and we wanted her to spread her passion and love of dinnertime and to reach more people. The best way to do that is through social media! We had lots of suggestions for her;) and finally she said "HELP ME!" And to be honest, every one of us is as passionate about our Mom's plan as the next, so we thought we would give it a try! All four of us girls live " The Food Nanny Plan" EVERYDAY. We want to show how modern moms, like ourselves, can consistently put dinner on the table with ease using MEAL PLANNING and THEME NIGHTS that our mom has been doing for 40 years. The plan isn't "out of date" for today's modern families and moms. It is still THE best way we know how to get dinner on the table. Which we believe is the most important part of the day!

What are you trying to accomplish? We want to show the world how to have a better quality of life!! We want to get people back in the kitchen, cooking meals, talking over dinnertime together, teaching kids how to communicate with each other, eating balanced meals and enjoying the true life!!!! This is how we bond..... sharing meals together. They don't have to be fancy. Dinner doesn't have to be the most dreaded part of the day! It can be easy, simplified, and become something everyone looks forward too!

We are trying to get rid of all the excuses why people don't cook. Sooooo many of our friends don't want to cook because they don't want to eat the food themselves! Everyone is on diets. No bread, no sugar, no food;). We believe in portion control! You can eat!!!! Every one of us has had issues with weight at some point throughout our lives and once we actually LISTENED to our MOM and followed her rules she has laid out in her books, we GOT that we can cook, eat, and enjoy all the varieties of food if we do it in the right way! We may not be rockstars, but we feel healthy and eat healthy balanced meals that we can eat and serve to those we love. We don't have to fix something separate for ourselves. This is a LIFESTYLE and not just a plan. We want to show everyone how we do it! It's hard to always do that through pictures, but we are committed to working harder to express it through our pictures and posts! If we inspire a few more people to dinnertime, we consider it a success!!


Liz, Katie, Emaly, Aimee and Lizi

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